QA Testing Engineer for a High-Growth US Startup

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Posted on January 24, 2022


Project Description

A high-growth startup who bootstrapped their way to profitability and has recently closed on their Series A is looking for great talent to join their quickly growing international, fully remote team. Has been around for two years, working closely with a few early-adopter clients. Having lived through real-world user experience problems in healthcare, finance, e-commerce, this disruptive startup has built a robust set of features that encompass the whole lifecycle of designing, launching, and iterating on form flows. Most of the customers have seen significant improvements in conversion in their primary user experience.

The Role

Looking for a Principal, Lead, or Senior QA Testing Engineer/Senior Software Engineer in Test (SET) to own testing to take the company to the next level of reliability and scalability. The ideal candidate not only has t QA experience but combines QA and Engineering. A single mind who owns the problem and can execute. A testing evangelist and practitioner who can envision, implement, and maintain various testing approaches, ranging from low-level unit tests to production-like integration tests. You’ll be working on both the application code as well as for the form flows created by customers: improving test coverage of the admin tool (the studio), the flow renderer, as well as the flows (user-generated content) that the tool creates.

A considerable variety of form design patterns, aesthetics, and paradigms that can be built by developers and users, allowing them to make significant changes confidently.

Some of the testing-related engineerings challenge their face daily:

  • Bringing continuous integration testing to the masses. They’re familiar with test fixtures, integration tests, CI/CD dashboards, and release testing as developers. But non-technical creators don’t have access to any of these powerful concepts: the systems you design and implement will put this power into users’ hands.
  • Multi-dimensional versioning is complex. At any given time, clients may be using any subset of their features, potentially in an A/B test, with users scattered across current and previous versions of flows. Making sure they don’t break any permutation can only be achieved through automation.
  • Choosing the proper testing tools. Today they use py.test, jest, react-testing-library, cypress, puppeteer, CodePipeline. But this list is incomplete, and they are always looking for the best way to prevent mistakes while keeping developer productivity high.
  • Multi-platform: Flows produced in the company need to reliably run across all browsers, in embedded contexts, all the time. They fix the nasty browser quirks for their customers and make sure that they stay fixed to focus on their businesses.
  • Maintain trust with their clients. They should prevent problems from happening in the first place and be the first ones to know when something goes wrong, whether it’s due to their code, a browser update, or a client-initiated change. Errors and problems should be transparent, actionable, and quickly resolved.


The future company will not only let their users build forms but also elevate their forms in ways they didn’t know to ask or to look for. To get there, we need you!


Ideal Candidate

  • You have 5+ years of experience in software engineering, ideally having focused heavily on frontend and backend testing automation in the past.

  • Has a firm grounding in testing best practices and loves the idea of bringing it to a young and growing company.

  • Experience with popular testing libraries, frameworks, and services, such as Cypress and PyTest.

  • Is immersed in the testing community and is aware of the latest developments in browser technologies, frameworks, and libraries.

  • You work at many scale levels: you can sit down and write a unit test but enjoy zooming out to set up a testing pipeline for an entirely new class of problems.

  • You can manage large projects: delivering minor, incremental improvements during the duration of an effort to ensure that feedback loops and learning never stops.

  • Mentors junior teammates and is either a manager (or would like to manage teammates someday).

  • Self-starter attitude: you take joy in identifying and executing high-impact improvements and refactorings independently.

  • Remote work makes you happy: you’re good at collaborating with a team that’s geographically distributed and enjoy having a balanced lifestyle.


Ideal timeline


  • We interview you, talking through your existing projects, focusing on the motivations behind your choices and the tradeoffs that you made along the way.
  • We hire you.


The first few weeks

  • Ship a code change to production the first day.
  • Get to know the entire stack and identify areas with low test coverage or cumbersome workflows.
  • Become familiar with examples of flows that our clients run in production to build realistic and impactful tests.
  • Add any missing tooling to increase developer productivity.


The first few months

  • Work with the engineering team to ship a new system: client-editable test cases and monitoring for production flows.
  • Reduce the number of defects in shipped code by increasing test coverage: both independently and by collaborating with the dev team.
  • Build process and workflow to ensure an ongoing high level of quality.


The first few years

  • Build a team with your knowledge of any missing skills or experience that we have.
  • Work with mobile developers to make a reliable iOS and Android version of the Company.


Benefits include unlimited PTO and paid healthcare.

Tech Stack: Python, Flask/Plesk, Python BDD, Cucumber, Python Decouple, CI/CD, PyTest, Jest, React-Testing-Library, Cypress, Puppeteer, CodePipeline.


Testing / QA

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