Senior Full-Stack Developer (Flutter/Dart)

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Posted on May 21, 2021


Project Description

Looking for a full-time, Senior Flutter engineer and continue to improve all-new Flutter app backed by Firestore, Google Cloud Functions, and a number of other modern technologies.

The ideal candidate has been working with Flutter for at least a year in a production environment and has solid foundational software engineering experience gained elsewhere and is a passionate team player.



A fast-growing remote-first software-as-a-service company that builds web & mobile software for the property inspection industry. The platform helps home inspectors work more efficiently, allows agents to streamline the inspection process, and empowers homebuyers to make better decisions.

Be part of a small but rapidly growing team with big ambitions. The kind of company where you can rapidly accelerate your career if you have what it takes! A team of energetic, positive, and motivated individuals with track records of building successful companies. There is minimal drama and ego – focusing instead on getting $#*! done. Good communication is highly valued, staying grounded, and taking care of everyone holistically. The company doubled in size (or more!) each of the past 3 years and just on the ground floor of where it will go.


Work With Modern Tech

You’ll love working in the tech stack, pushing modern tool adoption such as Flutter for mobile, Firebase for real-time syncing, and Vue for rapid web app creation. Using the Serverless framework and Lamdbas to offload jobs, and create a more flexible and scalable microservice architecture. Join this amazing team to grow your skillset and help push their tech into the future of SaaS.


* Minimum of 1 year of Flutter experience in a production environment.
* Minimum of 3 years of experience in developing mobile apps with another framework OR developing applications using a frontend framework such as Vue.js or React.
* Bonus:
* Experience with Firebase, specifically Firestore, and other Firebase products (Storage, Cloud Functions, etc)
* Professional experience with native mobile development (iOS or Android).
* Experience with Rails, Vue.js, Postgres, or AWS Lambda.


Ideal Candidate
* Communicates well – internally and with customers, written and verbal.
* Self-motivated and eager to produce results.
* Can rapidly switch between building the next big feature and helping our Client Success team debug an issue.
* Can immediately get productive in our tech stack, which includes Flutter, Firebase (Firestore, Functions, and Storage), and Vue.js.
* Values writing tests as part of the development process.
* Is curious and not afraid to speak up and ask questions.


Full time, $80k – $110k dependent on experience and abilities.


Work-life balance:
Our company believes in balance. We encourage walks, breaks, and exercise to break up the day. We typically work a 40-45 hours work week, with the occasional push depending on the sprint. We realize it’s a marathon and not a sprint, so we don’t think working to the point of burnout is a good practice.


We communicate via Slack and lots of zoom chats. We encourage real relationships to be built.


We have an unlimited vacation policy, encouraging team members to take time off as needed to recharge. In practice, most team members take a week or two of vacation and occasional sick days or personal days as needed. We’re a hard-working team that doesn’t take off a lot of the minor holidays.

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