Senior Software Engineer for an Architecture Design and Drafting Company

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Posted on June 15, 2022


Project Description

The senior software engineer will work with our team to create and problem-solve. The engineer should be able to generate a working proof of concept based on programming ideas and plan out the details of how they might be implemented. The ideal candidate would be able to take program wish list ideas and develop program planning input to generate development cycle timelines. The ideal candidate will also maintain our existing programs with fixes as needed for back office and project management software and create new applications to be integrated with our existing programs.



  1. Create programs that can be integrated with our existing programs to serve our needs.
  2. Fix bugs and improve reliability within our back-office software.
  3. Communicate with our team to create timelines for development.
  4. Be available to exchange ideas and solve problems.


Expert level in the following products/tools/code

  • MSSQL version (2016)
  • Lambda
  • GitHub
  • Angular
  • Asp.net core
  • Vb.net
  • C# Dapper
  • Dynamo DB

Familiarity with the following preferred:

  • Elastic bean stalk. Route 53
  • Cloud front
  • Cognito
  • S3
  • IAM


Core Values
Be a hero.
We strive to be helpful to our customers and each other; to be bold and take risks. We provide solutions and elevate others to rise to their potential. We constantly improve our products, services, operations, and ourselves. We initiate the change we want to see and give energy to others at every interaction.

Be humble and confident.
We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. We succeed and fail together, as one team; we own it, resolve it, and learn from it.

Do the right thing.
We take seriously an ethical responsibility to treat everyone with the respect and trust that we want to be treated with. We make decisions about and act on things that support all involved and not our own personal needs or beliefs.

Be accountable and do what you say.
We tell the truth and honor our commitments no matter the obstacle. We finish what we start and fully deliver, on time. We take responsibility and blame no one.

We accept responsibility for our actions and decisions. We are accountable for our own optimism, energy, and enthusiasm, and for maintaining and constantly improving our relationships and commitments.

Batteries included.
We are self-starters and self-motivators. We are self-managing, alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful. We are creative problem solvers and we never leave a stone unturned. We have an abundance mindset; our future is always bigger than our past.

Start strong and finish stronger.
We have a strong vision and a passion that supports it. We hit the ground running and stay focused, always moving forward. We strive to win each and every day.



At FullStackRemote, we require that you go through a short coding assessment prior to our interview process. The test will take less than 2 hours. To start the test process, go here.

Employer Information

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Member since: April 18, 2020

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