Senior Support Engineer for a fast-growing startup

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Posted on February 8, 2022


Project Description

Are you a problem solver? Do you get super excited when given the opportunity to shimmy up a pole? Do you look for the simplest solution for complex problems? If you’re like us, these are some of your favorite things! We are looking for our support engineer. This is an opportunity to join a fast-growing startup where you can help shape and improve the customer experience. You will be part of our awesome support team, providing infrastructure support for all of our systems.


We’re building out our enhancements and reliability team. This team will focus on:

  • Fixing urgent customer support bugs as they come in.
  • Building small enhancements to our apps.
  • Building admin tooling and connecting our systems via API.
  • Proactively identifying issues and working to reduce the dev issue tickets over time.


The Role

As a Support Engineer, you will:

  • Work directly with our Client Success team to resolve issues.
  • Build small features and enhancements.
  • Collaborate with our Product and Development Teams to build fix bugs, build tooling, and help streamline/automate processes.
  • Review and categorize dev issues regularly, suggest improvements, and be proactive in identifying problem areas. We want to always strive to reduce or eliminate the daily urgent dev tickets by addressing the underlying issues.
  • Continually research and learn the current and future best practices of using the App.


Projects you might work on:

When you’re not tackling complex customer challenges, you’ll have a lot of freedom to work on things that will make your life and the lives of your coworkers easier.

  • Create and improve internal admin tools.
  • Build enhancements to existing features.
  • Streamline and automate workflows between teams (connect the dots between departments and processes).
  • Shore up our product – add additional tests, improve code clarity.
  • Fix longer-term non-urgent customer bugs and issues.
  • Review bug tracker and fix issues there.
  • Build and maintain custom reports and monitor dashboards.


Work With Modern Tech

You’ll love working in our tech stack. We’re using the Serverless framework and Lambdas to offload our jobs and create a more flexible and scalable microservice architecture. In addition to Rails, Vue.js, and standard Javascript, we’re pushing modern tool adoption such as Flutter for mobile, Firebase for real-time syncing, and Vue for rapid web app creation.



  • You love exploring new technologies and figuring things out the hard way.
  • You enjoy solving many small problems per day.
  • You’re experienced in managing tickets throughout the entire support lifecycle from creation, reproduction, and ticket resolution.
  • You have experience being on-call and can jump into a complex situation and make sense of and communicate clearly with the Client Success team what’s going on.



  • You have excellent Ruby on Rails knowledge and are fluent in the Rails console.
  • You have good experience with Javascript (jQuery/Vue/React is a bonus).
  • You’re able to communicate complex technical topics to coworkers of varying technical skill levels.



At FullStackRemote, we require that you go through a short coding assessment prior to our interview process. The test will take less than 2 hours. To start the test process, go here – https://c.xor.ai/937551.


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