Profile of Adam N.

Adam N. Senior Software Engineer
5 years experience USA
Availability: FTE/Contract - Full-time - Part-time
46.00$ /hr

Adam has extensive and resourceful knowledge of all the software, such as websites, desktop applications, and many more. He has successfully developed a variety of projects from concept to completion. He is capable of leading all phases of diverse technology projects. Adam is a highly competent software engineer with excellent business skills.



Freelancer | July 2022 – Present

Senior Software Engineer

  • Development of full-stack web project from scratch to production, including business analysis, design/UI-UX development, Coding, and deployment.
  • ChildApp Development using Next.js + Typescript + Nest.js + MongoDB.

Tech Stack: NestJS · AWS S3 · Next.js · TypeScript

Insurance Group | July 2021 – May 2022

Senior Frontend Developer

  • Built a partner widget to help insurance providers integrate.
  • Implemented B2B and B2C systems to make transactions for individual customers and businesses.
  • SPA development and advanced javascript functional programming.
  • Onboarding website for customers to make transactions secure and safe.
  • Implemented a Verification system for KYC and KYB (Integrated Veriff SDK).
  • Worked with microservices for payments and third-party integrations.

ClickClaims Claims Management Solutions | January 2019 – June 2021

Full-Stack Engineer

  • Used React/Redux and Rest APIs to build several web applications.
  • Developed marketing data visualization components for the ExamLearn Data Wheel app using D3.js and Google MAP API to visualize clients’ sales CSV/JSON data into the interactive pie, line, and donuts charts and display the transaction locations on the Google Map.
  • Used Angular JS model, Services, directives, and controller to the screen.
  • Talent design and cost-effective plans, eye-catching designs, and mobile responsive pages.
  • Built an admin dashboard using ForestAdmin to manage databases.

Hereiammobile Inc. | July 2017 – December 2018

Software Developer

  • Church administrators make posts and schedule worship events on the website.
  • Used SQL server and .NET framework to manage posts and events for the backend.
  • Mobile app users get notified when upcoming worship begins.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Testing new browser features and deciding if results are useful and satisfying to meet user needs.



Northwood University | 2013 – 2017

Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science



Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | March 2021


  • Bachelor’s degree

    Northwood University

    September 2013 - March 2017