Profile of Ayyaz Ali F.

Ayyaz Ali F. Senior Full-Stack Engineer
7 years experience Pakistan
Availability: Full time and part time
45.00$ /hr
AngularAWSCSSExpressGitHTMLJavaScriptMEANMERNMongoDBMySQLNode.jsPHPReactReduxTwilioTwilio API DevelopmentUI/UX

Ayyaz is a passionate and dedicated web developer and designer with 5+ years of in-depth work experience with startup projects. He has received a great deal of praise for both his web and mobile development, along with his excellent UX/UI design.


His passion for Full-Stack Development has acquired a wide variety of skills and specialties of many different technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Over the last three years, he has been applying MERN & MEAN stack and Node.js, React, Redux, Express, Angular 8, and MongoDB. He is adding to his skill-set. He is also familiar with AWS/Git/Trello/Jira/Asana/Slack/Twilio. These skills have made him more than capable of making a creative Full Stack Developer while converting it into live web components.


Ayyaz has worked tightly with graphic designers and has an excellent grip over designs, and perfectly implements his visual design knowledge into his projects.





Toptal | 2021 – Present

Senior Software Engineer


Innovage.io | 2021 – Present

Senior Full-stack Engineer

  • Developed a boot camp SaaS product for the education sector and helped the institute to resolve management issues by giving them a platform where they can manage thousands of students and their slots in the camp.
  • Fixed production bugs with the team, typically with very short notice, to ensure that the server was up and running again with no lag time.
  • Resolved complex production issues (usually within two hours) and got the system up and running for clients.

Tech Stack: Express.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, MongoDB, React, Jira, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, API Integration, Redux, React-Bootstrap


Innovage.io | 2021 – Present

Co-Founder and CTO

  • Contributed to software development and led and managed teams to resolve customer problems worldwide; helped over a dozen clients with their systems, including SaaS products and healthcare management.
  • Developed new features in a client’s project and solved their existing bugs which were slowing down their system to a greater extent.
  • Handled clients’ production issues and supported their systems so that they could handle thousands of requests per minute.
  • Defined and prioritized new tasks and delegated the work on the clients’ behalf.
  • Built a hiring funnel to hire top talented people to work with us on clients’ projects.
  • Created goals for the team to improve performance and achieve client goals.
  • Oversaw and was responsible for team activity monitoring and time reporting.
  • Delegated work and assignments to team members and ensured that we were on the same page with clients.

Tech Stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, PostgreSQL, React, Angular, JavaScript


Course Eagle | 2019 – Present

Senior Full-Stack Engineer and Co-founder

  • Conceived with the team of a learning management system (LMS) that could connect students and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic; we helped over 100,000 students with their problems and made their lives a bit easier during the lockdown.
  • Built the system from scratch, from database structure to the front end; paying close attention to every aspect of the system to maximize the outcome from the platform.
  • Launched it on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with an EC2 server while managing traffic of over 10,000 per month.
  • Provided easy-to-access resources to students to help them in their studies and managed a database of over a million records.
  • Created an uploader to parse the data into Word files. The uploader can separate data based on their structure type and parse over 100 files per minute.
  • Parsed the whole database of over a million to gather connections between the data points, analyzed the data, and then created links between thousands of data points.
  • Implemented a transcribed image functionality to parse an image from the data and convert it into text.
  • Added PayPal and Stripe payment gateways to the system to handle thousands of transactions a day.
  • Engineered a solution management system to provide a way for the team to keep track of existing data sets and make better decisions.

Tech Stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Next.js, React, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux, React-Bootstrap


Podsoft | 2021

Senior Full-stack Engineer

  • Added a reservation functionality to the system so that guardians can reserve their slots for their children; it grew to thousands of reservations a day.
  • Fixed a calendar bug and restructured the code to handle more streamlined development.
  • Improved the launch process so that it could handle the traffic of 1,000+ users a day.
  • Created sprints and ran daily standups for the team.
  • Resolved a blocker so that team members could work properly.
  • Guided new team members to understand the code and system in a better way.
  • Discussed new functionalities with the CEO that provided benefits to the company.
  • Resolved several issues and guided team members to work efficiently while the system was collapsed. We got it up and running again in a very short time with not much downtime.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux, React-Bootstrap


Scout & Cellar | 2020 -2021

Product Advisor and Full-Stack Engineer

  • Worked on the front end for this client and provided services to resolve their front-end issues.
  • Added tracking to the system to track users and increase the conversion rate. The results increased the conversion rate by 45% from the previous implementation.
  • Optimized the loading time and fixed front-end bugs that users were facing.
  • Increased user retention on the website by 50% and built the pages so that they were stickier, i.e., users stayed on the site for longer.
  • Discussed product scope with the product management team and shaped a better product to give more efficient results.
  • Drew traffic of over 5 million within a month after revising the SEO standards on the website.
  • Added server-side rendering with Gatsby to serve static content to users.
  • Found and fixed the most complicated bug in the system.

Tech Stack: GatsbyJS, Gatsby, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux


Penhouse | 2018 – 2021

Project Manager and Co-Founder

  • Came up with the idea to launch an eCommerce store with my team to provide high-quality products nationwide and built the system and internal management structure to handle over 100 orders a day.
  • Structured the system to be flexible so that it could incorporate tons of third-party APIs to handle all the shipments from the vendors and the system users.
  • Added an inventory management system to efficiently handle business inventory. It currently handles hundreds of product types with thousands in quantity.
  • Implemented a vendor management system to keep track of the vendors working with the company. It currently handles 1,000+ vendors.
  • Incorporated an account management system into our platform to support intercommunication between our system to keep track of all the accounts and spending; this solved a major pain point for our company.
  • Integrated logistics directly in our system to handle over a thousand cities and keep customers up to date about deliveries along with an ETA about their parcels.
  • Launched the platform on an AWS EC2 instance so that it could handle traffic of 1,000+ customers per day.

Tech Stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, React, Next.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux


SolutionInn | 2017 – 2019

Senior Software Engineer

  • Scaled up the SolutionInn system while adding 50 new functionalities to the application that help students study better.
  • Fixed 1,000+ old major and minor bugs in the system to make it more efficient.
  • Added payment methods like Stripe and PayPal to securely process payments on the platform.
  • Helped manage the cloud server so that it could handle more traffic and make the system more reliable around the globe.

Tech Stack: AWS Amplify, React, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux, React-Bootstrap


SolutionInn | 2015 – 2017

Full-Stack Engineer

  • Worked in a team that created an education system that has helped over 2 million students around the globe.
  • Created an advanced search functionality that searches a database of over 10 million data points and then gives the best possible solution to the student; also developed a model to give AI-based results to users.
  • Deployed the system on AWS and made the solution scalable so that it could handle traffic of over a million user sessions per month.

Tech Stack: MERN Stack, React, Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, CSS, APIs, Full-stack, Bootstrap, HTML5, React Redux, API Integration, Redux





National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences | 2015 – 2020

Bachelor’s degree – Computer Software Engineering