Profile of Marcos da Silva C.

Marcos da Silva C. Senior Full-Stack Engineer
4 years experience Brazil
Availability: Full time and part time
40.00$ /hr
FirebaseJavaScriptReact NativeReact.JSRuby

Marcos is a Senior JavaScript Developer from Brazil. Even though he still has 4+ years of experience, his deep knowledge of JavaScript is unquestionable. With the various experiences from education to the corporation, he has a lot to over for his bright future career.


Ruby/RoR Summary – I’ve worked with RoR for about 3 years, building APIs, I’ve implemented JWT, PCI standard, deployed on Heroku and AWS with docker/docker-compose. Not much I can say but at Repay and Gurdiões da Saúde I’ve helped build the APIs with RoR



WEBJUMP | May 2020 – Present

React and React Native Developer

At Webjump I’ve created e-commerce applications using ReactJS and React Native that consumed Magento-based APIs, developed unit tests using Jest and Testing Library, deployed mobile apps on platforms such as Firebase, among other things.


Repay Tecnologias da Informação | May 2019 – May 2020

Full-Stack Engineer

Repay is a P2P lending platform that aims to change the way people take out a loan by creating a marketplace of loan proposals that a user can choose the best option of a loan based on interest, payback date, and amount.


Universidade de Brasília | June 2018 – July 2019

Full-Stack Engineer

Responsible for creating a mobile application in association with other countries from Latin America where users would report their health status, have a live heat map of their neighborhood health conditions, and downloadable report history. Doctors could inform an epidemic when they noticed more than a hundred disease cases and other functionalities.

Guardiães da Saúde

Guardiões da Saúde – Brasil – Apps on Google Play


Original Combustíveis | October 2018 – January 2019

Full-Stack Developer

At Original Combustíveis, he created a system to distribute, validate, and manage coupons sent via SMS. Development used Ruby on Rails (API), ReactJS (dashboard), e React Native (validation app).



Universidade de Brasília | 2019 – 2022

Bachelor’s degree – Computer Software Engineering

Arizona State University | 2014

Entrepreneurship and Leadership program



IEEE | March 2016 – November 2016

Marketing Communication Manager

Science and Technology

Social media manager for AESS UnB.

IEEE | January 2017 – December 2017




Chair at the Aerospace and Electronics System Society – UnB Gama