Profile of Goran V.

Goran V. Senior Software Developer
6 years experience Serbia
Availability: Contract - Full-time - Hourly based - Part-time
50.00$ /hr
CSS3HTML5JavaScriptJSONNext.jsReactReact TypeScriptREST APITypeScriptUI DevelopmentVisual Studio CodeWindows

Goran is an ambitious and hardworking Senior Software Developer passionate about modern technologies, including JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, and Material UI (MUI). With a solid commitment to customer satisfaction, he consistently goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional products and services. At Proxify, he showcases his expertise as a Front-end Developer, building dynamic websites with Next.js and TypeScript, utilizing Tailwind CSS for UI development, and creating custom WordPress themes from scratch. His optimized websites demonstrate impressive PageSpeed Insights scores, while his animations and transitions add a touch of creativity to his projects.

Throughout his career as a Front-end Developer for freelance clients, Goran has excelled in building dashboard UIs with role-based authorization and crafting pixel-perfect presentations, incorporating unique UI elements and effects. His skills extend to 3D development, where he expertly follows style guides and creates user interfaces using cutting-edge technologies. At PopArt Studio, Goran assumed the role of Lead Front-end Developer, actively contributing to planning and consulting on internal projects and mentoring junior developers. His award-winning work on awwwards.com highlights his proficiency in animation-heavy projects and the seamless integration of user interfaces and micro-interactions. Goran’s continuous learning and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to any development team.



Proxify | 2020 – Present

Front-end Developer

  • Built a dynamic website using Next.js with TypeScript and Storyblok as headless CMS. The UI was done with Tailwind CSS.
  • Created several custom WordPress themes using an ACF pro plugin from scratch without page builders.
  • Created WordPress API endpoints for various functionalities like loading more posts or custom post types, filtering by taxonomies, and integrating 3rd parties.
  • Converted multiple Figma files into HTML and CSS/SCSS code with pixel-perfect precision.
  • Optimized websites for mobile and desktop devices fully, with a 90+ score on PageSpeed Insights.
  • Implemented page transitions with Barba.js and various other animations with vanilla JavaScript and GSAP.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React, Storyblok, TypeScript, Next.js, HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), ACF PRO, GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), GSAP, Design

Freelance Clients | 2020 – Present

Front-end Developer

  • Developed the complete dashboard UI from scratch for a startup company, with role-based authorization and graphically displayed data inside a bar, line, and radar charts.
  • Built the front end for Chrome extensions using HTML5, CSS3, and Vanilla JS.
  • Created multiple presentational websites that implemented pixel-perfect principles and had numerous unique UI elements and effects.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React, Redux, Formik, Yup, MUI (Material UI), Axios, Chart.js, Chrome Extensions, HTML, CSS, NPM, Webpack, Figma, Web Development, Responsive Web Design (RWD), API Integration, TanStack Query, ECMAScript (ES6), React Router

Toptal Client | 2022 – 2023

3D Developer

  • Followed the client’s style guide and created 2D and 3D user interfaces.
  • Used cutting-edge technologies and followed best practices to develop complex features.
  • Maintained high code coverage with unit tests despite having a tight deadline.
  • Shaped the product and broke down business requirements.
  • Ensured a smooth user experience and high application performance; the 3D part ran at 60fps.
  • Documented React components with Storybook and created mock APIs.

Tech Stack: Three.js, React, Zustand, TypeScript, APIs, Storybook, MUI (Material UI), Web Development, Front-end Development, UI Development, CSS, HTML, Git, Jest, REST APIs, Front-end, User Interface (UI), Figma, JSON, NPM, Webpack, Responsive Web Design (RWD), API Integration, ECMAScript (ES6), React Router, Babel

PopArt Studio | 2017 – 2022

Lead Front-end Developer

  • Took part in planning and consultation on internal company projects and products and in negotiations with some clients.
  • Developed the front end for various web applications using vanilla JS or React (e.g., a custom CMS platform, an educational portal, a public offering system, and an eCommerce customizer).
  • Created several custom WordPress themes, with WordPress as a headless CMS and Next.js as the front end. Websites were statically generated, and the data was fetched through GraphQL.
  • Mentored junior front-end developers. Maintained regular one-on-one workshops, homeschool assignments, code reviews, and teaching by example.
  • Acted as a link between the SEO and the development teams, reviewed the code for semantic structure, and performed Google page speed optimizations and SEO technical audits.
  • Handled animation-heavy projects that included unique user interfaces, animations, and micro-interactions built with vanilla JavaScript or libraries such as GSAP, Barba.js, and Three.js with custom shaders or Lottie.
  • Won three international awards on awwwards.com: two honorable mentions and one mobile excellence.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React, Next.js, WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, SCSS, MUI (Material UI), TypeScript, GraphQL, Yup, Formik, Three.js, GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), Redux, Front-end, Front-end Development, Web Development, Angular, JSON, NPM, jQuery, Web UX, Bootstrap, Gulp, Webpack, Figma, HTML5 Animations, PHP, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, API Integration, TanStack Query, ECMAScript (ES6), UI Design, User Experience (UX), Node.js, React Router, Babel, RESTful Services, Cypress, Flux, Jenkins, Salesforce API, Design



Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad | 2013 – 2017

Bachelor of Applied Science – BASc, Civil Engineering