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  • Suhaib K.

    Software Engineer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Suhaib is a Software Engineer with strong technical skills in Mainframe, z/OS Product Development, HLASM, Apache Kafka, Machine Learning, Dump Analysis (IPCS), JAVA, REXX, and COBOL. With a Bachelor of Technology – BTech focused on computer science engineering with a specialization in mainframe technology from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Suhaib brings an impressive set of skills to the table.

    • Apache Kafka
    • COBOL
    • Java
    • +1
  • Adam N.

    Senior Software Engineer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Adam has extensive and resourceful knowledge of all the software, such as websites, desktop applications, and many more. He has successfully developed a variety of projects from concept to completion. He is capable of leading all phases of diverse technology projects. Adam is a highly competent software engineer with excellent business skills.



    Freelancer | July 2022 – Present

    Senior Software Engineer

    Development of full-stack web project from scratch to production, including business analysis, design/UI-UX development, Coding, and deployment.…
    • AWS
    • JavaScript
    • NestJS
    • Next.js
    • +1
  • Nakul K.

    Full-Stack Developer

    7 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Nakul is an IT Professional with expertise in Frontend and Backend Technologies, having 7+ years of experience. He has developed complex eCommerce, Educational, Social, iBeacon Base Apps, AI Base App, Web Applications, Enterprise solutions, and many more. His primary mission is to promise dedicated support, high-quality work, and fast service.



    Mayora Infotech | February 2020 – Present

    Technical Lead Developer

    Collaborates with the app development team, which includes the Product Manager, Program Manager, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance, and…
    • AngularJS
    • Flutter
    • Ionic
    • +4
  • Anil K.

    Product Manager / Product Owner

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Anil is a Certified Product Management Professional and an MBA graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, with 8+ years of professional experience in Product Management (5+ years) and Software Development (2+ years) in B2B SaaS – Healthcare and Telecom domains. He is currently associated with Indegene as a Product Manager in managing a robust product line and product development lifecycle from ideation to execution, determining & documenting new product requirements, product functional design, creating applicable specification documents, strategy…

    • Agile
    • Excel
    • JIRA
    • Product Management
    • +1
  • Anthonia O.

    Senior Product Manager

    15 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Anthonia is an Agile Product Manager with an in-depth understanding of the primary consumer and target segments. Passionate about developing products and executing marketing initiatives; experienced in converting sales leads and managing multiple accounts. Highly skilled in forecasting, project management, strategic planning, and managing external interaction with clients and partners; meticulous in monitoring trends and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

    • A/B Testing
    • Agile Software Development
    • +3
  • Adedeji Lawrence A.

    Product Manager

    9 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Lawrence is a passionate senior product manager and a project risk expert interested in the evolution of technology and its impact on business and lifestyle. He has a profound record of improving processes and increasing activity on products. These he had demonstrated over the past nine years through the digital banking and agric tech products he has delivered. He is a seasoned Product Manager with an illustrated history of working with customer oriented-solutions and products. Lawrence is passionate about business…

    • Balsamiq
    • JIRA
    • Microsoft Visio
    • +2
  • Marcos E.

    Senior Software Engineer

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Marcos is a Senior Software Engineer from Brazil with over seven years of experience and graduated in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Bahia. A self-taught enthusiast of entrepreneurship and startups in general. Among his most important projects, he contributed to the stock control and tax areas of a company with around 100 POS in Brazil. He participated in netPDV, an event management system, with over 800 events in the year he contributed. Experience in several…

    • Bash
    • Docker
    • ElasticSearch
    • +7
  • Daniel N.

    Backend Developer and Tech Manager

    22 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Daniel is a technology and product professional with over 22 years of experience, certified in project management, and experienced in international projects. His journey was essentially covered in systems development. However, in the last eight years, he jumped into the business, expanding his knowledge to sales and marketing. He developed the inside sales playbook, implemented and migrated CRM, and created go-to-market strategies.

    Always curious, he developed a hybrid profile with “hold” on both sides of the same project working between…

    • AWS
    • Docker
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • +6
  • Pedro F.

    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    13 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Pedro began his career as a developer at the age of 17, working as an intern at Furnas Centrais Elétricas. Since then, he has taken several courses in the area and gained experience participating in several web projects.

    Pedro has been working as a freelance full-stack developer for many years. He develops projects from scratch, even solving DevOps tasks. He has recently provided services to some national and international companies. Currently, he lives in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and works…

    • Next.js
    • Node.js
    • React Native
    • +2
  • Lucas A.

    Senior Front-End Developer

    10 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Lucas, a software developer, focused on the front end, loves user experience and UI. In his 8+ years of experience, Lucas has worked as a full-stack and front-end developer. And in 2014/2015, he started his own startup. The best words to describe Lucas as a professional are: detail-oriented, fast learner, loves innovation, and committed to the team and the project.



    Olist | June 2021 – August 2021

    Front-end Developer

    Contributed to a team responsible for Pricing and Billing…
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Jest
    • Next.js
    • +3
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