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  • Lucas T.

    Junior Software Engineer

    2 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Brazilian junior developer Lucas is a React specialist with experience building applications for businesses. His expertise includes using TypeScript and MySQL, as well as working with Node JS, NoSQL, and GraphQL. Lucas has also worked with the Google Firebase environment and is passionate about designing interfaces.

    He loves technology and will do his best to build cutting-edge software products. He is skilled at communicating with others and will work hard to find consistent solutions. He is always…

    • Apollo
    • Chakra UI
    • CSS
    • Firebase
    • +10
  • Pedro P.

    Software Engineer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Pedro is a software engineer with a passion for coding on both the front-end and back-end. He loves working on Web and Mobile Development, User Experience, A.I., and Data Science. Pedro sees coding as a fun thing to do, but he also loves to learn new things. Pedro is a hardcore learner and can make a large impact on what is done while working remotely.



    Dialog.ci | February 2018 – Present

    Software Engineer

    Software development (PWA/TWA) impacts thousands…
    • AWS
    • Full Stack Node.js
    • +3
  • Sajjad H.

    Senior Site Reliability Engineer

    12 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Sajjad is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer with over a decade of experience. He defines his metaphorically professional profile in terms of a three-course meal:

    As a starter, he has his coding and software engineering skills and a Master’s degree in the same field to complement them.

    For the main course, he has eight years of experience working in the financial technology and payments industry. His roles have spanned across the stack, from Analyst to Site Reliability Engineer. As an…

    • Data Science
    • DevOps
    • Docker
    • +2
  • Leandro C.

    Software Engineer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    I am a Software Engineer with a B.S in Computer Science, an expert in Defi projects, and a software developer with many years of experience building native mobile apps for iOS / Android and websites with experience working solo as well as running small teams. I care as much experience plus additional years of full-cycle experience in multiple roles and environments, including healthcare, fitness, social networking, financial, medical, and management. Mobile apps are only as good as the data that…

    • Ethereum
    • Rust
    • Smart Contract
    • +2
  • Durrelle W.

    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    9 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Durrelle is a senior full-stack JavaScript developer with extensive background experience building web applications using JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, and Node.js with Express. He also has broad experience with relational database management systems like MySQL, Sequelize, and MongoDB.

    He has a wide range of experience working with Windows and Apple operating systems. He works well on teams, effortlessly adapting to new environments, workflows, and technologies.

    Durrelle seeks opportunities at mid-sized web product startups where he can apply his skills to…

    • Express.js
    • Full Stack Node.js
    • +3
  • Abdur R.

    Senior Test Automation/RPA Engineer

    6 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Abdur is a skilled Test Automation Engineer who works in the computer software field. He has extensive experience with Test Automation and solid skills in robotic process automation (RPA).


    Abdur has a passion for self-development and R&D and likes to take on new challenges while coming up with unique solutions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Lahore University of Management Sciences.






    Software Engineer – RPA | January 2020…

    • CI/CD
    • Cypress
    • Python
    • Test Automation Engineers
  • Yilong C.

    Senior Software Engineer

    10 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Michle is a senior software engineer with 10+ years of experience in software development with several Microsoft technologies Maintenance and creation of products using new technologies in different environments such as Windows Desktop, Web and mobile Experience developing enterprise applications for Windows desktop environment using Visual Studio, Ruby, Python, PHP, RoR, Django, Flask, Laravel, .Net MVC, C#, Windows forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, SQL Server and Delphi technologies.


    ALPS Electronics Co., Ltd | 2012 – Present

    Web Application Developer

    • .NET
    • C
    • Django
    • Flask
    • +6
  • Javier C.

    Magento Developer

    3 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Javier is a Magento Developer who has worked in the information technology and services industry for over 10 years. He has experience with OS X, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, PHP, and WordPress, and holds an Engineering degree from Universidad Metropolitana (VE).


    OmniPro | 2019 – Present

    Lead Frontend Web Developer

    Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce – Front-End Developer Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce – JavaScript Developer Plan and develop design implementations using Magento best practices.

    CriptoNoticias |…

    • CSS
    • Figma
    • Git
    • HTML
    • +4
  • Gabriel B.

    Frond-End Engineer

    4 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Gabriel is a professional engineer who works with JavaScript. He uses React Native and Flutter, which give him the opportunity to work on non-trivial problems; he also gains a lot of experience by working on these projects. One of his main concerns is writing maintainable, readable, and scalable code that follows good practices.





    ZenBill | September 2021 – Present

    Front-End Engineer

    A web project built with react. Gabriel was responsible for developing new features to an existing…

    • Dart
    • Flutter
    • JavaScript
    • +3
  • Oliver H.

    Senior PHP Developer

    11 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Oliver is a senior PHP developer with over a decade of experience under his belt. He codes primarily as a backend developer on a tour operator’s system. He loves to work on semi-private or open-source projects.



    Wehlte-IT, Delitzsch | April 2020 – Present

    Web Developer/System Administrator

    Development and maintenance of the infrastructure. Planning and support of the ColocaGon infrastructure at Hetzner (Falkenstein). Monitoring of Linux and Windows systems via Icinga2. Maintenance of the mail server. Development of various…
    • Laminas
    • Mezzio
    • PHP
    • REST
    • +1
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