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  • Igor G.

    Test Automation Architect

    15 years experience Full time and part time availability
    Igor is an experienced automation architect with proven leadership ability. Passionate about improving organizational efficiency through utilizing automation strategies, he’s capable of directing several initiatives simultaneously and maintaining a high standard of excellence in quality and speed. His experience includes expertise with Java, JavaScript, Python, Selenium, Appium, JEST, Jasmine, NightwatchJS, Karate API, and UI.


    QA Automation Engineer 2020 – 2020 Anthem Digital

    Designed and implemented an API (back end) testing based on the Karate framework. Built and delivered a…
    • CI/CD Engineers
    • Cypress
    • +2
  • Luiz Antonio M.

    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    11 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Luiz is a creative developer who loves new technologies and entrepreneurship. He loves to work with startups and transform software into products. He’s had a passion for technology and what it provides to the world since sixteen. Now, he’s a skilled developer with leadership/management experience who has built two startups and has over ten years of experience working with front-end technologies, seven years with the back-end.


    Luiz is a full-stack polyglot developer who continuously learns and makes apps faster…

    • CoffeeScript
    • JavaScript
    • +3
  • Adrián V.

    Senior Software Developer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Adrián is a Senior Software Developer with 5+ years of experience in web development based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves being a part of the planning, design, and development of digital products. He always aims for excellence and high quality in everything he does. He thinks of himself as a highly productive person, self-taught, ambitious, and able to adopt any new technology that he challenges.


    Adrián enjoys creating workspaces/desk setups. He is interested in hardware, gaming, streaming, sports,…

    • AWS
    • GraphQL
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js
    • +1
  • Yuda C.

    Sr Full Stack Developer

    9 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Yuda is a senior software engineer with 8+ years of experience in coding, analysis, and system design. His familiarity with the agile model to develop software, such as TDD, Clean Code, Pairing Programming, and Continuous Integration. He is an expert in front-end development using HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Less, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery-UI, ReactJS, React Native, and the motion of responsive design. He also specializes in back-end development using the Restful API concept. Yuda works with Accustomed Linux, Windows, Unix, and also…

    • Front-End Web
    • GoLang
    • JavaScript
    • +2
  • Marcos da Silva C.

    Senior Full-Stack Engineer

    4 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Marcos is a Senior JavaScript Developer from Brazil. Even though he still has 4+ years of experience, his deep knowledge of JavaScript is unquestionable. With the various experiences from education to the corporation, he has a lot to over for his bright future career.


    Ruby/RoR Summary – I’ve worked with RoR for about 3 years, building APIs, I’ve implemented JWT, PCI standard, deployed on Heroku and AWS with docker/docker-compose. Not much I can say but at Repay and Gurdiões…

    • Firebase
    • JavaScript
    • React Native
    • +2
  • Leonardo O.

    Senior Software Developer

    3 years experience Full time and part time availability

    A career in development in Information Technology, a senior PHP developer with extensive experience in managing web projects, implementing and maintaining systems in various programming languages, managing teams and implementing improvements, and developing internal and external trajectories processes method.




    Department Coordinator | March 2021 – Present

    This service aims to improve the operational functioning of the activities of organizations, preserving the level of routines considered adequate for the training and remodeling of those in which the processes…

    • React
    • React Hooks
    • React Native
    • +2
  • Vinicius B.

    Full-Stack Software Developer

    11 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Vinicius has 10+ years of experience and he is responsible for system development and maintenance since 2000. The primary stacks that he loves are PHP, Ruby/Rails, Javascript, Java, C, Python/Django, and Android. He loves to fix any type of equipment and solve problems and he is always concerned with his social, environmental, and work ethics. And since 2008 he became a Yoga and Meditation enthusiast.





    Cooperativa de Trabalho EITA – eita.coop.br | December 2013 – Present

    • Android
    • Backbone.js
    • C
    • Django
    • +6
  • Goran T.

    Expert Remote Software Engineer

    15 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

    Main research areas: Distributed Computing / SOA / Performance Optimizations.

    About 15 years of experience in software development.


    Core areas of interest in software development:

    Serverless Systems Full-Stack Development Mobile Development Game Development / VR

    Genuine interest in all things electrical/virtual.





    Toptal | October 2015 – Present






    FESB – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture | 2018

    Doctor of Philosophy…

    • C
    • C#
    • C++
    • Java
    • +5
  • Andrei K.

    Senior Software Engineer

    13 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Senior back-end software engineer, team lead, and architect. High attention to detail and deadlines, great team leading, and problem-solving skills.



    2005 – 2010

    Belarussian National Technical University

    Engineer’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering

    • HTML5
    • Java
    • PostgreSQL
    • Python
    • +1
  • Zachary R.

    Senior Software Engineer

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Java, Scala, Spark, Cassandra, and High Fives. Strong engineering professional with a B.A. focused in English Literature from Eastern University.

    • Cassandra
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Scala
    • +1
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