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  • Javier C.

    Magento Developer

    3 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Javier is a Magento Developer who has worked in the information technology and services industry for over 10 years. He has experience with OS X, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, PHP, and WordPress, and holds an Engineering degree from Universidad Metropolitana (VE).


    OmniPro | 2019 – Present

    Lead Frontend Web Developer

    Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce – Front-End Developer Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce – JavaScript Developer Plan and develop design implementations using Magento best practices.

    CriptoNoticias |…

    • CSS
    • Figma
    • Git
    • HTML
    • +4
  • Gabriel B.

    Frond-End Engineer

    4 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Gabriel is a professional engineer who works with JavaScript. He uses React Native and Flutter, which give him the opportunity to work on non-trivial problems; he also gains a lot of experience by working on these projects. One of his main concerns is writing maintainable, readable, and scalable code that follows good practices.





    ZenBill | September 2021 – Present

    Front-End Engineer

    A web project built with react. Gabriel was responsible for developing new features to an existing…

    • Dart
    • Flutter
    • JavaScript
    • +3
  • Oliver H.

    Senior PHP Developer

    11 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Oliver is a senior PHP developer with over a decade of experience under his belt. He codes primarily as a backend developer on a tour operator’s system. He loves to work on semi-private or open-source projects.



    Wehlte-IT, Delitzsch | April 2020 – Present

    Web Developer/System Administrator

    Development and maintenance of the infrastructure. Planning and support of the ColocaGon infrastructure at Hetzner (Falkenstein). Monitoring of Linux and Windows systems via Icinga2. Maintenance of the mail server. Development of various…
    • Laminas
    • Mezzio
    • PHP
    • REST
    • +1
  • Md H.

    Front End Developer | React JS

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    A highly self-motivated and passionate web developer with eight years of front-end development experience. Have extensive knowledge in JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, React JS, Design Pattern, Best Practices, and Problem-solving.

    Experienced with Next.JS, State management (React Context, Redux), HTML, CSS, and responsive design to develop pixel-perfect UI and scalable applications for mobile and desktop devices according to sketch and design.

    Experienced with popular packages & UI libraries, including MUI, Ant Design, React Hook Form, Yup, jQuery, Underscore.js, and Bootstrap, to speed…

    • JavaScript
    • Material UI
    • +3
  • Nicolas O.

    Senior Software Developer

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Nicolas is a Senior Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience. He is passionate about technology and its implications in society. He believes that software is the key to achieving a brighter future for the communities. He is interested in projects that positively impact society/humankind.

    Nicolas is a life-long learner. He is constantly looking for new areas to broaden or deepen his understanding. He does this by keeping a continuous research-experiment-observe loop.

    One of his most significant areas of interest…

    • JavaScript
    • Node.js
    • React
    • +2
  • Lucas F.

    Senior Software Engineer

    17 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Lucas is a Senior Software Engineer with over 17 years of experience, primarily in the travel and leisure industries and making him a big people person, and he loves what he does. Ever since he had his first computer and written his first line of code, he couldn’t stop. There is nothing more significant for him than being in the software industry, providing solutions to help people worldwide.



    ShipHero | May 2019 – Present

    Software Engineer

    Python Software…
    • Django
    • GraphQL
    • JavaScript
    • +3
  • Gero N.

    Full-Stack Developer

    6 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Gero is a full-stack developer from Bulgaria specializing in the WordPress environment. His career as a web developer and solutions architect began in 2016 when he built eCommerce and media solutions. His expertise soon expanded into developing Online Casino Solutions from A to Z, with custom-developed gamification platforms and proven customer satisfaction. Gero’s newest frontier is developing products in the fintech sector. He excels as a valued team member and an inspirational team leader.





    Credissimo |…

    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • MySQL
    • +5
  • Ayyaz Ali F.

    Senior Full-Stack Engineer

    7 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Ayyaz is a passionate and dedicated web developer and designer with 5+ years of in-depth work experience with startup projects. He has received a great deal of praise for both his web and mobile development, along with his excellent UX/UI design.


    His passion for Full-Stack Development has acquired a wide variety of skills and specialties of many different technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


    Over the last three years, he has been applying MERN &…

    • Angular
    • AWS
    • CSS
    • Express
    • +14
  • Federico K.

    UI/UX Designer

    11 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Federico is an Industrial Designer and graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2014. He studied Architecture for 3 years, and also graduated as an Electronics Technician.


    Federico is currently working on the development of equipment to measure environmental and industrial pollution. He has experience in project management and product development, both as a professional and in the academic, teaching Industrial Design for 3 years. He is so passionate about his professional and his academic life.


    His extensive…

    • 3D Studio Max
    • Adobe Experience Design (XD)
    • +4
  • Eneas A.

    UI/UX Designer

    6 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Eneas is a UI/UX designer from Argentina with a holistic approach that combines design, marketing, and technology with living. He complements creativity, design, and animation by applying his strategic vision in the digital world, and his ability is not limited to Creative Branding, Content Strategy, Production, and UI/UX Design.



    Nativva inversiones | August 2018 – Present

    Founding Partner [UX UI Design] & [Director]

    SXXI is an incubator of real estate projects with two Business Divisions:

    Focus on investments…
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Experience Design (XD)
    • +4
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