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  • Ignacio R.

    C++/C/C# Engineer

    27 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Computer programmer since early childhood, nurtured a passion for economic, to the point, low latency, dependable yet expandable software solutions. 


    What is Great These Days


    Event Sourcing and Knowledge Description

    Our World has grown exponentially in the amounts of data it can digest, and information it can produce. In order for that to get to the…

    • .NET Core
    • C#
    • C++
    • Docker
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  • Nicholas S.

    Wordpress Developer

    8 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Nicholas is an entrepreneur who is extremely dedicated and passionate about producing high-quality creative solutions that meet business goals. He has a broad range of experience working in the communication design industry—covering graphic design, web development, UI/UX design, project management, and building lasting relationships.

    • Dedicated WordPress Developers
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  • Conroy W.

    Rails / React / React Native / No Code

    15 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Conroy is a classically trained Software Engineer with a B.S. in Computer Science.  Much of his 10+ years of Ruby on Rails experience has been with startups of all sizes, from bootstrapped MVPs to NYC darlings with $175M in funding. He recently honed his Software Craftsmanship skills at a small consultancy working with remote clients to solve complex problems within challenging deadlines.


    He finishes his start. He values thoroughness while simultaneously getting sh*t done. He succeeds where others fail…

    • Agile
    • CSS3
    • Full-Stack Developers
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  • Charles M.

    Machine/Deep Learning Expert

    19 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Companies hire Charles to work with their C-level executives, founders, or product managers to design and implement data science and machine learning / AI solutions that increase retention, engagement, and revenue; as well as review product viability, designing experiments, and direct team members. His work is extremely technical and hands-on with all engineering details; from project management to dev-ops; to web engineering; to high-performance numerical methods.






    Data science leadership,…
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning
  • John C.

    Sr. Full Stack Engineer

    20 years experience Full time and part time availability

    John has been working as a full-stack software engineer for over 20 years and has worked with many startups and medium/large companies. His goal is to get the client’s idea into a successful product. He is responsible for the full cycle of development, from defining requirements, design, and architecture, coding, to testing and deploying/mentoring and documentation.



    Web: NodeJS, Express, PHP, Python Front-end: Vue, React, Angular Database: SQL and No-SQL database Cloud: Amazon, Google Cloud Platform


    Project Portfolio

    • Angular
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • React.JS
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  • Mauro L.

    Sr. Python Developer

    5 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Mauro is a Sr. Developer and Team Lead with over 5+ years of Python-specific development experience under his belt and great communication from leading dev teams and through his experience working for the US. Mauro is available immediately for an interview and full-time remote engagements.





    Hipcam | August 2019 – Present

    Full-Stack Developer

    Mauro is in charge of the backend team. Currently, his team is restructuring the entire backend. The whole system is running in AWS,…

    • CSS
    • CSS3
    • Docker
    • JavaScript
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  • Florian S.

    Senior Software Engineer

    12 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Senior Software Engineer with over a decade of hands-on professional experience. My focus is on building scalable and reliable web-application with Node.js as well as Cloud IT-Architectures (5x AWS Certified). I’m a focused, dedicated, and passionate self-starter committed to problem-solving with in-depth experience of agile methods. I’m relentlessly driven to deliver innovative solutions that inspire and impact whole teams. As a team player, I’m always eager to share knowledge as a mentor while delivering top-notch results.

    • .NET
    • AWS
    • C#
    • CSS
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  • Adam S.

    Full-Stack DevOps Engineer

    12 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Adam has been working as a PHP-MySQL-JavaScript developer for about 12 years. He has been all over the board – e-commerce, marketing automation, transportation, hosting, cryptocurrencies, VoIP, video streaming, and many others. He also works for some big, nationally, and internationally recognized names.


    For the past few years, He has been leading roles in many organizations and is responsible for instituting processes, conveying technical matters to investors and stakeholders, ensuring scalability, etc.


    He loves working on all stages…

    • Angular
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • React
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  • Jauricio G.

    Sr Full Stack Developer

    7 years experience Full time and part time availability

    Jauricio is a Sr. Full Stack Developer with over 7+ years of Javascript and Python-based framework development experience with great communication. Jauricio is available immediately for an interview and full-time remote engagements.


    Technology Stack


    Languages/Tech | JavaScript/Typescript, Python, Ruby, C++, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, XML/JSON, SQL/NoSQL

    Databases | MongoDB, Postgresql, MySQL, MariaDB

    Methodologies | Agile (Scrum)

    Frameworks (Frontend) | Vue.js, React, Angular 2+, Ionic

    Frameworks (Backend) | Node.js, Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails

    Cloud Service | AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, GoDaddy



    • API
    • Node.js
    • React.JS
    • TypeScript
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