Who We Are

A combination of machine learning with human screening by leading industry experts. You no longer have to sift through the thousands of resumes to find the best fit for your organization.  

The best talent does not have to spend time bidding on jobs that are low pay by inexperienced employers and try to prove their worth through a star rating system that can be gamed.

FullStackRemote is the platform you’ve been waiting for – access to the best talent, quickly, at a fair price. We don’t even like to call it a price, we prefer revenue share, because we act as your partners. Throughout the entire process from job post to talent selection to engagement we ensure your success.

All our talent is vetted and remote-ready, having experience and skills for remote work plug-n-play

Because the platform is automated, you get access to the best talent without paying the outrageously high fees, like 100% markup. That doesn’t exist here. We are completely transparent.

Our Talent sets their rates, and those are also transparent. We charge a percentage on top of the talent and we have a monthly subscription that allows us to maximize engagement efficiency and happiness.

We charge weekly flat rates for ongoing engagements, which is conducive to the most productive working environments for Employer and Talent.

Vetting Process

While a “top %” ranking is a great place to start (every developer in the FullStackRemote platform is in the top 5% of their stack) it’s actually the remote specific skills, work habits, personality traits and past remote project experiences that help determine the highest probability of remote project success.

We are taking the current broken industry standard expert talent vetting process and flipping it up on its ear! Using a completely proprietary and AI driven process that combines a comprehensive client/project interview & feedback stage with a traditional P2P tech interview / pair programming stage, we are able to accurately calculate each developers RPS Score (Remote Project Success Score) so clients can have confidence not only in their remote developer’s expert technical ability but in their past remote project expertise as well.


With more than 7 billion people on the planet, it’s really simple – the best talent should be matched with the best jobs.  There is no shortage of amazing talent – it’s just not easy to find, until now.  

Remote work means the best talent doesn’t have to be within a commute-radius.  

We have a talent database of highly skilled, highly capable, well rounded talent from all over the planet.  Not just great talent, but great people you want to work with over and over again.  The different between good talent and great talent is exponential.

FullStackRemote has the needles in the haystack delivered to you – without waiting, without sifting through piles of resumes. We’ve already pulled our hair out so you can keep yours.  

Technology can’t replace human interaction, and our chances are greater at finding that perfect match and long lasting engagement when we provide that extra level of connection.  Let us know what you need by posting a job and we’ll hand you the right fit.  97% of the time it works out, but there are a few cases in which needs or personalities don’t match, it happens, and we’ll do an immediate re-match to keep things on time and on budget.  


We are no longer waiting for the future of work.  The future of work is now.  Remote is the way we work.  

Technology gives access to resources like education and job opportunities.  We believe that everyone who wants to work remotely should be able to work remotely.  

Cross-cultural collaboration gives us more diversity, therefore smarter output, and leading to a more-connected progressive world.  A type of world we want to live in.  

Ultimately, we believe in global wealth distribution and economic opportunity not based on geography.  

Imagine .. what we can create and the impact we will have when the planet puts its greatest minds together and when local economies have greater cash infusions.  

Our mission is not only to find the best talent, but to put the greatest minds to work and have money geographically distributed and ultimately a more peaceful, more connected planet.





Libby Tucker – Founder 

#3 and COO at TalentSpring (sold in 2010) resume search and ranking engine. Former Strategist at Upwork, teaching startups how to find, vet and hire talent. Managed team of overseas GMs at Crossover vetting and hiring over 2,000 tech workers. Director and C level executive at multiple venture backed startups in New York, Seattle, and Austin. Libby has been working remotely since she left her corporate job in 2005 at Adobe and hasn’t looked back since. She believes anyone who wants to work remotely should be able to do so, which she expresses through LiveWorkAnywhere.com. Passion for remote work and visionary leader.



Scott McKay FullStackRemote

Scott McKay – Head of Client Success

Scott has worked in engineering recruitment since 2000 beginning with company, EEG, then jointly with a partner at American Engineering Corporation, and later Engineer Nexus at which he remains to the present day. Scott also worked for several years with software engineer hiring platforms. Since 2020 Scott has been involved with FullStackRemote, and is currently Head of Client Success. Scott enjoys hiking, biking and rowing among many other things.  





Eko Sudaryanto  – Senior Talent Specialist, Product and Sales Support  

Eko is a seasoned sales and pre-sales professional with extensive experience in the IT and services industry. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics focused on Economic Development Study, Eko is skilled in agile web and mobile app project management, negotiation, business planning, analytical skills, and asset management. Currently serving as Sr. Talent Specialist at FullStackRemote, Eko excels at generating new sales opportunities, managing requests, and contributing to the documentation and maintenance of databases. With a proven track record of success in various roles, including Agile Project Manager and Pre-Sales at PT KDDI Indonesia, Eko is passionate about driving business growth and ensuring operational efficiency.





Romina Mezzabolta – Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in IT Recruitment. Strongly process-oriented, versatile, dynamic, organized, and reliable professional with leading skills.
I celebrate remote work and value pleasant work climates.  







Bianca Gale Sourcing Specialist 

Sourcing specialist global software engineering talent. 








Yuda Colgati – Senior Developer 

Yuda is a senior software engineer with 8+ years of experience in coding, analysis, and system design. His familiarity with the agile model to develop software, such as TDD, Clean Code, Pairing Programming, and Continuous Integration. He is an expert in front-end development using HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Less, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery-UI, ReactJS, React Native, and the motion of responsive design. He also specializes in back-end development using the Restful API concept. Yuda works with Accustomed Linux, Windows, Unix, and also using GIT for revision control. He is well versed in the OOP concept and deep skilled in PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, and a controlled database like MySQL and PostgreSQL. The framework currently being used is Ruby On Rails, CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel, and CakePHP.




In remembrance…. 

Scott Ritter FullStackRemote


Scott Ritter “Scotty” – Former Co-founder

Scott was also the 4th person in Toptal back in 2011 and helped the company grow from 4 employees to over 600+ employees building a talent network of 10K+ expert level developers and designers, and in the process, created many of the methods and tools that are now considered to be industry standard. Scott has also worked at CodementorX as their Head of Engineering/Matching.


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