Who We Are

A combination of machine learning with human screening by leading industry experts. You no longer have to sift through the thousands of resumes to find the best fit for your organization.  

The best talent does not have to spend time bidding on jobs that are low pay by inexperienced employers and try to prove their worth through a star rating system that can be gamed.

FullStackRemote is the platform you’ve been waiting for – access to the best talent, quickly, at a fair price. We don’t even like to call it a price, we prefer revenue share, because we act as your partners. Throughout the entire process from job post to talent selection to engagement we ensure your success.


All our talent is vetted and remote-ready, having experience and skills for remote work plug-n-play

Because our platform is nearly automated, with a human touch, you get access to the best talent without paying the outrageously high fees, like 100% markup. That doesn’t exist here. We are transparent.

Our Talent sets their rates, and those are also transparent. We charge a percentage on top of the talent and we have a monthly subscription that allows us to maximize engagement efficiency and happiness.

We charge weekly flat rates for ongoing engagements, which is conducive to the most productive working environments for Employer and Talent.

Our Remote Team

Passionate, entrepreneurial, remote.


We empower organizations to succeed by saving money, getting to market faster and with the highest quality talent and products. 


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